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Thursday, January 23, 2014


looking at last summer's photos with new eyes....
three white bouquets

 and some tiny arrangements

Sunday, January 12, 2014

my helpers

was going through last summer's photos and remembering all the work, all the help my friends and my kids gave me.
  and smiling.
  because some of it was funny.
here daisy was holding flowers for me and getting eaten alive by mosquitos
and getting madder by the second.
 her poor legs!  but ooooh the flowers were so beautiful!
sweet sarah, my faithful flower-holder
my brother, rick, was visiting, and he patiently held flowers for me-
abe was just too goofy
here daisy would rather be doing anything else.
this is an off-kilter looking shot of lance putting waterproof material on the roof for a nice, dry cart
 here norman was digging rocks out for the dahlia holes.  
more rocks than soil.  got the dahlias happily planted at last!
 and here's my jake.  couldn't do this without him!
and ed, the cart-maker.
thanks everybody!