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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


and so it is starting!
winter is the time to enjoy the process of selecting and purchasing seeds for this year's bounty.
this is the awesome seedbox i purchased at a junk shop years ago for my mom, who insisted on giving it back to me.  
it holds lots of seeds!
my seed germination process is underway in the alcove in the kitchen.
the gentle heat from the florescent lights keeps a temperature of 70 degrees under this plastic dome for a seed tray.
 little foil bread pans are great for the original seedings.  
you can puncture holes in the bottoms with snips for drainage.  

i use fafard seed starter mix from pinetree garden seeds for a very light seed starting medium.  
i see pinetree is sold out of it at present, but it is readily available, even on amazon.
this is a shelving unit from home depot.
i purchased shop lights and full spectrum florescent tubes, and attached them to the shelf above with screw eyes.  
i've been using this set up for 3 years, and find it to be adequate.
i have another identical shelving setup in our unheated back room, and shift the seedlings out there as soon as the deep freezes are over.

for growing on, i purchase bales of this fafard growing mix locally from debbie at woodbridge greenhouses.
green mist ammi and achillea the pearl seedlings above.
amber kiss violas seedlings below.