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Thursday, March 27, 2014

a whole lot of sweetness

 i believe spring is finally starting to break through this long, hard grip of winter.
here's a gathering of fragrant bouquets while we await the greening-
 roses below are teasing georgia with hosta flowers and ferns.

above are rose buds, sweet peas, snapdragons, and annual sweet williams.
 lilies of the valley below with some angelique tulips and coral bells.

 above and below are phlox, abraham darby and heritage roses

 above are peonies and perennial sweet williams.
 the roses above are tower bridge.
scabiosa below.

 above the roses are golden celebration and jude the obscure with peonies, valerian, and mock orange.
below are amazing grace and heritage with some honey-scented lady's mantle.

 abraham darby roses above.
sweet peas below.


  1. I love the bouquets. Thanks for sharing.

    How are you able to grow lilacs in Georgia? I'm in NC (zone 7) and would love to grow some. I used to live in VT and just loved the lilacs everywhere. I didn't think they would grow down here. Should I have hope?

    Jonathan Leiss
    Spring Forth Farm
    Hurdle Mills, NC

  2. hi jonathan- thanks! i live in rhode island, so don't know anything about lilacs in the south. i'll refer you to this thread, though. looks like miss kim might be a good one to try.
    good luck!

  3. Thanks! Don't know why I thought you were in Georgia. What's the super-lush greenery in the 1st bouquet with the lilacs as well as the one with the salmon roses?


  4. the greens in the first one are lilac leaves. i'm not sure which salmon-colored roses one you mean, but i'll cover all the greens: there's sage- both common and berggarten, grapevine leaves, japanese anemone leaves, ferns, and there's one with phlox leaves.

  5. Your bouquets are so romantic and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.