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Thursday, March 6, 2014

rosie reprise

june 16 of last summer was a good day for the roses.
 i took the time to take some photos of the buckets right after i'd picked for the morning.
they aren't very good, but today, with snow still burning out my eyes, i am happy for them!

if you want to see these photos larger, just click on the image.

 the dark pink rose above is mme. isaac pereire.
the large light pink below is amazing grace.  the pink ones behind it are mme. isaac pereire.
and the reds are courageous.  the loosely cupped buff colored rose is jude the obscure.
 these smallish cool pink roses below are louise odier.   
the warm pink ones are rosarium utersen.
i have purchased almost all of these from Heirloom Roses as own-root plants.
 above, the pale yellow are teasing georgia.

 the orange rose above is lady of the mist.  the small light pink ones are lexy.
below, the large pink ones are amazing grace.  

in the photo above, the lower pink roses are abraham darby.
this fragrance tester tray was in the cart for a couple of weeks.
from the left:  the impressionist, cameo perfume, a shropshire lad, and st. swithun.
the back row is thornbury castle, margaret merrill, climbing james galway, and louise odier.

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