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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

garden glimpse

 some of the tulips.
the thing about a cutting garden is that there is never a time when i see all the flowers blooming.  
they have to be picked before the big color happens.
you can see here deer damage from the early spring when they nibbled off the tips of the leaves.  oh, well.  they had their bit, and i get mine too.
daughter, daisy, picking the colored up tulips.
the bucket in front is filled with virginia cowslips.
they flag badly at first, but the hot water revives them.

 son, jake, is preparing hundreds of holes for the dahlia bed.
 lilies and peonies are coming along nicely.

 i have squashed many orange beetly bugs on the lily leaves already.  
they are so frustrating because as soon as they sense your proximity, they drop down into the core of the leaves and are difficult to retrieve.
 grape hyacinths almost gone by, but a pretty picture, anyway.
 daisy spread the straw in the fenced-in garden today.  

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