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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

hesperis matronalis

 a lovely spring breeze inspired me to try to keep this arrangement airy and light.
 dame's rocket, sweet rocket, damask violet, dame's violet, dame's wort, dame's gillyflower, night-scented gillyflower, and mother of the evening
 are just  some of the common names for this flower.
my mom calls it sweet rocket, so that's what i go with.
 columbine and sweet rocket.

 bleeding heart and woodland hyacinth.
 deutzia gracilis.

 variegated weigelia.

in a vase from mom.  who finds the best stuff!

there's a poem, the wreck of the hesperus, by henry wadsworth longfellow.
link here.
it is, of course, spelled differently, but i think of it whenever i cut this flower.

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