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Thursday, May 15, 2014


 looking through the windows of the cart.
 and the flood of lilacs -
a couple of the bunches 

 and some close ups of the florets.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Are those violets? How did you get useable stems? They are great.



    1. fertilized - 15/30/15. got 9" stems with all the rain we've had! thanks jonathan

  2. What varieties of lilacs do you grow?
    Also what fertilizer do you tend to use? You mentioned the 15/30/15 but what brand, granules or liquid?
    BTW I love your blog, we are in PA so won't be buying any flowers anytime soon but your eye candy is amazing and you've given me so much inspiration this year to grow cutting flowers. I'm trying tons of new things after seeing they thrive for you--we shall see!

    1. oops - somehow this didn't print all of my reply! i have my eye on these lilacs from fox hill nursery in maine - ludwig spaeth, edith cavell, avalanche, fr. john l. fiala, beauty of moscow.
      for liquid fertilizer, i use miracle grow bloom booster. for a continuous feed, i use miracle grow shake n feed for roses. it is 9/18/9 plus 20 sulfur which helps with disease i think.
      thank you for liking my blog; i am enjoying documenting my adventures!
      and i am from annville, pa. my whole family is there- about 7 miles east of hershey.
      keep going growing!

  3. i have only one old variety that was here on the property. i don't know what it's called, but i love how depending where it's growing, the buds have different colors leaning to pink or purple. i bet i could mess with lime or acidifier to coax them one way or another....but here are the lilacs i want to get-

    i have only one variety of lilac here and i do not know what it is. but check out fox hill nursery. i have my eye on ludwig spaeth, beauty of moscow, fr. john l. fiala, avalanche, and edith cavell.
    for liquid fertilizer i use the blue stuff- miracle grow bloom booster. for a continuous release, i use miracle grow rose shake n feed which is 9/18/9 and also has sulfur in it which is good for disease control.
    thank you for liking my blog; i am enjoying documenting my adventure!
    also, i am from annville, pa- 7 miles east of hershey <3 my whole family is there...
    keep going growing!