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Friday, May 16, 2014

tale of three lilies of the valley

 observe two white and one pink lilies of the valley.
the first white is delicately wand-like and almost as tall as the leaves.
the pink is nestled fairly low and the leaves get taller.
the third example is of a plump white that gets a little taller than the leaves.  even the stem has more heft.
i think this is the most common variety.  very fragrant and delicate.
 these pink florets are slightly papery and tend toward small.
i fertilized mine this year to see if i could plump them up and had some success.
i used a fertilizer that the middle number was double the first and third numbers in the npk list.
this variety is a wonderful old one introduced to my by a friend.
the florets are fragrant and waxy, held up a bit higher, and stand above the leaves.

 these bunches are out at the cart.

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