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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the fairest sweet violets

 my friend, lorna, got me this vintage celluloid mirror at brimfield to reflect the fairest of them all!
i just love the bevels and how it folds up and has little feet to set up. 
 johathan from spring forth farm asked me about the violets in another post.
i used some liquid blue 15/30/15 on them when they were just coming up to encourage bloom size.  some stems are 9"!
 the korean lilac, miss kim, makes a nice airy background.
i tucked in some honesty, geraniums, stock, woodland jacob's ladder, and woodland hyacinths.
 jonathan horst, a friend of my mom's in pennsylvania, gave her some of these exquisite pinkish violets with a darker halo in the center.  
they seed themselves as happily as the purple varieties.  
 i have just one of these light blue violets in this bouquet.  
they are a little earlier and i had many but i confess to having them in a weedy part of a garden, and they are obscured by raspberries now.  


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