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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


a bouquet with marigolds, feverfew, matricaria, zinnias, craspedia, and sage.
the marigolds have a lovely gentle, sweet fragrance.

 i started everything in this bouquet from seed.
 the marigold variety is vanilla improved hybrid and the zinnias are creamy yellow giant.
both varieties are from swallowtail seeds.


  1. Just found you thanks to @thefarmatoxford and so delighted to follow what you're doing. Such a great source of flowers and sources for seeds. I have two pale yellow weddings this summer and so just ordered from swallowtail! Thank you for all your posted beauty and information! We're growers in East Tennessee

    1. greetings aunt willies wildflowers! thank you for this, and i am so glad i can help! these marigolds and the pale yellow zinnias are excellent performers. swallowtail seeds has a new yellow cosmos, too, which might be fun to try. the psyche white cosmos is always a Wonderful graceful addition, and of course, queen anne's lace!