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Thursday, October 9, 2014

going to the fair!

 each year our little town of north scituate, ri, has an arts festival that attracts thousands of people for a weekend of fun food and artistry of all kinds.
it is this coming weekend, and we have a spot for the cart to sell flowers, beeswax candles, scented geraniums, and other surprises.
the cart is sort of dark, so we made this tassel banner to brighten it up.
so. much. fun!
 i used old sheets, dyed them with a wonderful fabric dye called "idye", then tore them into strips.
 to make them, i lay them out on my legs to align, then put a half-length strip through the fold-over, and tie it.
then i tie a bit of tulle around the top and there's the tassel!  the top strip looks nice tied in a bow right on the line.
 jake helped me get them up on the pipes that ed set up and fitted with screw eyes.

here is our ed maneuvering the cart onto the trailer for the big ride downtown.
the breeze was glorious today, and those banners were flying!

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