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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

rose hip harvest

i have a rose bush that i keep only because of these hips!
the thorns are lethally sharp and long, the roses have no fragrance and very little thrill factor,
but the hips are awesome.

 i cut them today to spare them from the snow,
but waited as late as possible to allow them to redden as much as possible.
i love the green, orange, and red variations.

happy thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

gomphrena confetti

 i didn't use the gomphrena much this year, but i dried a little bunch - only to discover that the flowers fell apart quite easily.

 i thought it would make a pretty little bunch of confetti, or could be used for a background for a photo....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

dahlias - the growing

now that the dahlias have had their day and have all been dug up and packaged away for the winter, 
here's a picture chronicle. 
 the kids helped to refresh the holes we dug out of the stony beds last year by fluffing them up, removing the stones that grew over the winter (they do that, you know),
added bone meal (which the coyotes love, i discovered), composted manure,
and then we laid the plastic weed cover.  
 when it was finally warm enough to plant the tubers, i lined up them up on trays.  
each tray represented a row in the garden, and each row had a predominant color designation.
then i made lists for reference.

they started growing, and the groundhogs discovered the yumminess of the new growth.
i bought plastic wash baskets to cover the ones they found especially enticing.
when finally the flowers bloomed, it was Wonderful!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

rose of sharon seed pod wreath

with rose hips, heliopsis seed pods, and grass on another grapevine wreath my mom made.
here's making the bunches before i decided to add rose hips.

bittersweet wreath

 i worked in my most neglected garden yesterday,
 and found a long stretch of bittersweet clambering over the lilacs.
after pulling out the root, and a lot of yanking,
 i wound it 'round, and here it is, in all its wild, simple glory.
here are the 3 out at the cart.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

rosehips and bittersweets

a few wreaths after a walk with my snips.
3 kinds of rose hips in the wreath above.
bittersweet below.
below is a wreath with only wild rose hips.

Friday, November 7, 2014

statice wreath

here's a small wreath - about 12" diameter - that i made with a grapevine base that my mom made.
i made 9 of these bunches of white statice and grasses that i grew and dried. 
i wired each of them on individually to conserve wire.
the wire i used is made by the oasis company and is called bind wire.

 the two grasses are bunny tail grass and avena sterilis.