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Monday, December 15, 2014

seed pod wreath

another wreath from the spare bounty of the winter - making me very happy to go out and forage!
this is a small wreath on a bittersweet vine base measuring about 8" in diameter.
rose campion seed pods are the little bleached ones, and i bleached the nigella pods also.
then for contrast, i used the tulip-shaped siberian iris pods around the outside edge.


  1. So beautiful. Your wreath posts have inspired us and now we've been making a few wreaths to give as gifts this year from all the vines choking trees on the edge of the woods. If you don't mind my asking, how did you bleach the pods?

    1. hi spring forth farm! thank you. I bleached the pods in one part water to one part Clorox. then lots of rinsing! then dry in the oven 110 degrees for a couple of hours. glad you too are enjoying the scavenger hunt of winter! love and joy to you and yours!!