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Saturday, January 24, 2015

snow maiden

i have been waiting for a wet snow to make a snow maiden, and i finally got it!
 this was my second attempt.  
first time around, i'd gotten one all done complete with rose hip eyes (with those elegant eyelashes you know) 
and put her on the swing for her photoshoot, but she plopped right off and busted up.  
too much attitude, that girl!
so this one here is homely, sweet, and friendly.
 queen ann's lace hands, spirea hair with a long tendril of bindweed, helianthus eyes, goldenrod dress, sedum mouth.
 i hope you get a chance to make one with what's out there today.
if you do, pleeeeease send me photos, because i would really love to see what you make.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

seed orders

2 weeks of intent searching and researching, and i just finished ordering the seeds for this year.
scouring the seed catalogs, weeding through the seed box from last year's seeds, 
list making, price comparing, thinning, and internet exploring,
 and finally i am excited to have the computer print-outs of the final orders and the final price totals 
so i can be done with this stage! 
i am so looking forward to the seeding and seedlings.
the companies i used this year are stokes, swallowtail, baker creek, seedaholic, johnny's,
 and i discovered nuts and cones on amazon for sweet peas last year,
 and was very satisfied with their vast assortment of spencer varieties.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

snowflakes in the garden

 as the sky loosens another handful of its winter offering, i am inspired to feature here some of summer's white bits.
 starting with the daffodils
 and bleeding heart.

 this lovely spirea opens with a slight pink blush and whitens as it matures.
wonderful for bouquets.  the first photo of this post is a close up.

 spires of valerian - like the spirea, must be picked in bud stage for bouquets-
or there will be a snowfall of petals.

  white peonies
jaccqueline du pre rose
 dusty miller and stock

 orlaya and sweet peas

scabiosa and the limelight hydrangea.
 and finally, the whirls of the seed pods of wild clematis.