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Thursday, January 22, 2015

seed orders

2 weeks of intent searching and researching, and i just finished ordering the seeds for this year.
scouring the seed catalogs, weeding through the seed box from last year's seeds, 
list making, price comparing, thinning, and internet exploring,
 and finally i am excited to have the computer print-outs of the final orders and the final price totals 
so i can be done with this stage! 
i am so looking forward to the seeding and seedlings.
the companies i used this year are stokes, swallowtail, baker creek, seedaholic, johnny's,
 and i discovered nuts and cones on amazon for sweet peas last year,
 and was very satisfied with their vast assortment of spencer varieties.


  1. Love your lists! I am ordering from Baker Creek and Johnny's; and already did Swallowtail in the fall. Sooo many seeds. I'm a little overwhelmed! What do you start indoors first vs direct sowing into your fields? And how is larkspur to cultivate, easier to direct sow or easy to start indoors first? Thanks!

    1. hi mara!
      i am learning to start with perennials- foxglove, sweet williams, columbines, carnation, feverfew, scabiosas etc. also learned to give dusty millers and lisianthus a head start. i handle larkspur like the delphs, and seed them inside, and find them easy to transplant. another recent great find is miracle gro quick start. do you have luck direct sowing? i have never tried it....i'd love to hear! thanks!

  2. I've just done a few plants as direct sows so far, they seem to work well when it's warmer in June and July. Cosmos, feverfew. Orlaya is one that direct seeded amazingly well and grew very fast. I had blooms til end of November. I am going to start a round of seeds inside and then do a 2nd round direct sowed, we will see the comparisons this year.

    I hear lisianthus is a VERY slow grower, and it's best to start with plugs if you want blooms that don't take forever. I'm skipping it this year since I have so many others to try.

    How do you use the miracle grow quick start?

    1. mara-
      i am certain the comparisons will be interesting!
      i am thinking of direct sowing the second round of sweet peas (i plan to do 4 waves) to see how they compare to the first. it seems the transplants take forever to recover from shock, and i’d like to see if direct sow works better. do you have that set-back time with sweet peas?
      yes, orlaya is so willing! i grew it for the first time last year…..and sorta liked it.
      i’ve had good luck with lisianthus - and don’t mind the time it takes them to get going….you know - good things :)
      i am going to hit the seedlings with the quick start a bit before transplant time if not before….it is really good for the roots. i am using it on all my wintering-over stuff, and am really liking the health and vigor i see!
      i like your cosmos direct sow idea too. i will give that a try!

    2. I loved orlaya but it seems a bit finicky for cutting, it needed a bit of conditioning. What type of lights do you use? I'm doing sweet peas for the first time this year, but I did read this primer from Floret which talks about using longer pots to accommodate the tap root, so I am growing some in my old rose bands and also getting some deeper growing trays to try.