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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

cluster bouquets

with the white world outside, are your eyes longing for some color?
this is a post featuring tightly packed bouquets that were in tin cans.
i'd taken all these photos from the top down in 2010, and it lets you see the story pretty well!
in the photo above, the lacy pale pink fill flowers are wild sweet marjoram.  
also larkspur, foxglove, stock, snaps, and sage.
below- bells of ireland, zinnias, stocks, bergarten sage.

above features phlox, snapdragons, cynoglossum, sage.
below - zinnias, dahlias, phlox, ninebark, nicotiana, ferns, cynoglossum, and hydrangea.

above- phlox, carnations, scabiosa, snaps, cynoglossum, sage, hosta, zinnias, and delphinium.
below- phlox, scabiosa, spirea foliage.

above- anemone, joe pie weed, ageratum, hosta, purple sage, hydrangea.
below- zinnias, cinnamon basil, snapdragons, and poke weed.

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