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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

little bits

these bunches of lilies of the valley in tissue paper looked and smelled sweet in the cart.
the backs of their heads are attention-worthy.
graceful deutzia.  i have this bunch in my cooler in hopes of making an arrangement one day soon. 
these large batchelor-button type flowers are centaurea montana.
every year they come back, despite being in a part of my garden that i never water and is completely overrun with weeds.
  pictured here with some grape vine.
i picked a few branches of the pea-flowering honey locust to put in my cart as a back drop.
it is like white wisteria with sweet fragrance, but has some thorns.
i was brushing these odd bits of lilacs to go in my compost, and then experienced a wave of regret;
all winter i long for something just like this....scrap or whatever!
so here's a photo of this moment in spring.
and last, some of my rhubarb crop.
i have 4 plants, and cut 3 times this amount today.
the shortest batch here is about a foot in length.
i used the leaves just for this photo, and removed them before taking some to the cart so no one keels over!

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