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Friday, June 26, 2015

roses, recitals, and raspberries

the roses have finally been all picked and the bushes will start regenerating new growth.
july 1 is when the japanese beetles typically descend and begin their lace-making,
 and it is a wonderful thing that we get this first flush all done before they hatch.
above are heritage roses.
these are the ones that shatter almost as soon as they open, but picked in bud stage, 
you can get a couple days out of them.
below are lavender lassie roses. 
this little bunch is from a first year bush, and i have decided it makes the cut;
highly scented, good longevity in vase, and i like the color and shape of the buds particularly.

 above are a mix of tess of the d'urbervilles and courageous roses in a bucket.
below is a just- picked bucket full of cool pink roses including amazing grace and james galway.

 our sarah, jake's girlfriend, is a ballet dancer, and she had a recital this past tuesday.
she asked me to make a presentation bouquet for the artistic director, and this is what i came up with.
i placed the strong long stems down first, and then just worked my way down with
graduating shorter stems of whatever i had around. 

 this is a bouquet i made for personal practice with the heritage roses, since i am afraid to sell them to florists.
with a mix of other roses, huldine clematis, hydrangea, agrostemma, and thalictrum.

 i love, love the soft colors of yarrow.  
all the subtle colorations, the varying sizes of tiny florets of 5-petals with the slight ruffling just melt my little heart. 
below is a bucket of louise odier rose buds.

 in a race to beat the birds and beetles, i cut 200 stems of black raspberries last evening.
i have lots of memories of picking them with my sister, jenny, and of battling the mosquitos, but they aren't bad this year.
pretty, hunh?  will make interesting additions to a bouquet.

Friday, June 19, 2015

a few more handfuls of roses

 eden above,
sweet juliet below.

 above are climbing james galway roses.
the ones that are more lavender here have been in the cooler for a day.
interesting how they change tint.  
below are the tiny darling buds and blooms of lexy rose.  these have hardly any fragrance, sad to say.
they form in clusters, and are pretty for flower girl arrangements.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

so many roses

such flower-making machines the rose bushes are these days.
every time i turn around there are more to be picked and de-thorned.
each evening i have them all picked to the bud stage, then the next morning, boom, some have opened all the way.
so i feel that panic - have to get them in the cooler quick!
anyway, above are crocus roses with a few jacqueline du pré around the outside,
below is a mix of jacqueline du pré, crocus, cameo perfume, and shropshire lad.

above are the impressionist, abraham darby, lady of the mist, and i am not certain about the cream ones.
above is james galway, tess of the d'urbervilles, st. cecelia, and gentle hermione.

above is lady of the mist, and crown princess margaret.
below are the lovely, lovely cameo perfume roses.

another bucket straight from the garden of whatever was ripe.
below are amazing grace roses.  amazingly beautiful and large.  and hardly any thorns.

above sweet juliet,
below louise odier.

above are tess of the d'urbervilles (which win the prize for the thorniest rose) mixed with a few courageous roses.
and below are the graceful and sunny warm teasing georgia roses.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

pansy bowl of roses

lexy roses are borne in clusters.  they are the small pink roses here.
i cut out the leader roses in hopes that the rest of the cluster would bloom at nearly the same time.
they have delicate, short stems, and i remembered i had this pansy bowl, and put them in it.
added some jacqueline du pré roses, and some japanese spirea.
the buds of the wild roses are ever so teeny tiny and delicate!
added some wild roses, some chartreuse sedum, and
 filled the spaces with some new wild grape leaves.  see how they are blushed?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 i struggle with bouquet photography.
and with making arrangements.
but i wanted to walk around with you on this one, and to discuss the merits of outside and inside,
 light and dark, personal and impersonal.
this first one is inside, with white back ground at a window with side light. 
these are just iphone photos, and i have not filtered or adjusted them.
this one above is outside on a rainy day with not much contrast back ground
below is just outside the cart.

 on the driveway, and behind the cart.

 in my tiny opinion, a bouquet suddenly comes to life if somebody holds it.
thanks to a friend who was running by the cart, i finally got a photo i liked!
i'd been holding these tulips in my cooler for a time when i could do something with them.
they opened up so quickly, i couldn't believe it, even on a dreary day.
but talk about a wild, abandoned dance of a flower!