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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 i struggle with bouquet photography.
and with making arrangements.
but i wanted to walk around with you on this one, and to discuss the merits of outside and inside,
 light and dark, personal and impersonal.
this first one is inside, with white back ground at a window with side light. 
these are just iphone photos, and i have not filtered or adjusted them.
this one above is outside on a rainy day with not much contrast back ground
below is just outside the cart.

 on the driveway, and behind the cart.

 in my tiny opinion, a bouquet suddenly comes to life if somebody holds it.
thanks to a friend who was running by the cart, i finally got a photo i liked!
i'd been holding these tulips in my cooler for a time when i could do something with them.
they opened up so quickly, i couldn't believe it, even on a dreary day.
but talk about a wild, abandoned dance of a flower!

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