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Sunday, June 14, 2015

so many roses

such flower-making machines the rose bushes are these days.
every time i turn around there are more to be picked and de-thorned.
each evening i have them all picked to the bud stage, then the next morning, boom, some have opened all the way.
so i feel that panic - have to get them in the cooler quick!
anyway, above are crocus roses with a few jacqueline du pré around the outside,
below is a mix of jacqueline du pré, crocus, cameo perfume, and shropshire lad.

above are the impressionist, abraham darby, lady of the mist, and i am not certain about the cream ones.
above is james galway, tess of the d'urbervilles, st. cecelia, and gentle hermione.

above is lady of the mist, and crown princess margaret.
below are the lovely, lovely cameo perfume roses.

another bucket straight from the garden of whatever was ripe.
below are amazing grace roses.  amazingly beautiful and large.  and hardly any thorns.

above sweet juliet,
below louise odier.

above are tess of the d'urbervilles (which win the prize for the thorniest rose) mixed with a few courageous roses.
and below are the graceful and sunny warm teasing georgia roses.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely gorgeous each and every one. I'm guessing you knew each variety would last as a cut flower before purchasing these roses. Do you amend the soil/fertilize to take care of your roses?