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Friday, July 31, 2015

red bouquet

 sarah is holding a mix of zinnias, roses, scabiosa, carnations, sweet peas,
 queen anne's lace, cerinthe, and some sweet grass.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

garden variety

so much catching up to do here!  the gardens are cranking out their blossoms during this glorious summer.
above are the new zinnia variety, mazurkia.  i am so glad i tried them, and enjoy their color energy.  seeds available from swallowtail seeds.
below is wild monarda.

 two more new flowers for me - cerinthe above.  i love how it grows, how the water splashes delightfully off the leaves when i water it, but i am puzzled by it overall.  
below is a bunch of agrostemma, corn cockle.  a lovely short-lived annual.

 lilies above,
drumstick allium below.

 zinnias above,
fama white scabiosa below.

 white and blue seeker statice that i am growing and hanging to dry.

 rudbeckia goldilocks above,
phlox paniculata below.

 another lovely newcomer to my garden this year - daucus dara above.
it is a queen anne's lace in gorgeous shades of wine.
some places i see it called black carrot.
below is a mix bucket of queen anne's lace, cosmos psyche, agrostemma, and scabiosa.
these are the ones that i like to see floating in the upper zone of an arrangement.

 above is wild sweet marjoram,
and below are four large bunches of tansy ready to be dried.

 above is golden ball chrysanthemum.
and below is a bunch of rose hips from a bush that produces sort of garish blooms, but wonderful hips.

 above are blue lace flowers.  as an experiment, i tried growing these in a pot.  
they bloom when the stems are about 3' tall, and i am please with this result.
below is a bucket of dill.  this is the bouquet variety, and it self-seeds readily.

 above is the lovely silver lace dusty miller,
and below is a handful of sweet peas, and i promise more photos of these later!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


here's our sarah holding la bouquet of roses, sweet peas, queen anne's lace, astilbe, and hydrangea.
foliage is baptisia.
the selection bucket below.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 since the sun is not shining today (very happy about this - and there is water falling from the sky!!!!) this post features the yellow flowers happening in the garden now.
these are the persian carpet zinnias, and in the photo below i have pulled out the dark ones
because i think they are the real sparklers!

 our jake is holding a mix of helianthus and wild black eyed susans.
the helianthus leaves are variegated.  well, some of them are....some have reverted.
 two kinds of sunflowers - procut lemon and procut gold.

 golden ball chrysanthemum above, and assorted lilies below.

i have been growing these soft yellow benary's giants zinnias for a couple of years and love them.  here they are mixed with some of the single zinderella peach scabiosa zinnias.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


above is a handful of bupleurum.
 lady's mantle above,
japanese spirea below.

 annabelle hydrangea above,
thalictrum below.

 the annabelle hydrangeas, more mature, with some cross pollination from another hydrangea.
mint below.

 unfortunately i do not know the name of this hydrangea above.
below are the backs of the leaves from this variety.
 below is a photo of dock seed plumes.

Friday, July 3, 2015


this is huldine clematis.  small flowered, with an iridescent sheen and lavender ridged backs of petals.
so beautiful in every way.

 this was a beautiful freak - on a variety i can't identify....but it is fairly small- flowered also.

i planted 6 new small-flowered varieties of clematis this year after having discovered this company online -
here is a bucket of mixed varieties -