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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 since the sun is not shining today (very happy about this - and there is water falling from the sky!!!!) this post features the yellow flowers happening in the garden now.
these are the persian carpet zinnias, and in the photo below i have pulled out the dark ones
because i think they are the real sparklers!

 our jake is holding a mix of helianthus and wild black eyed susans.
the helianthus leaves are variegated.  well, some of them are....some have reverted.
 two kinds of sunflowers - procut lemon and procut gold.

 golden ball chrysanthemum above, and assorted lilies below.

i have been growing these soft yellow benary's giants zinnias for a couple of years and love them.  here they are mixed with some of the single zinderella peach scabiosa zinnias.

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