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Monday, October 26, 2015

the dahlias

 there's a learning curve with dahlias, and every year they teach me a little more.
groundhogs like the young shoots of dahlias.  they leave them alone after they get about a foot tall.  the dahlias, not the groundhogs!
i ended up with a few holes where the tubers rotted, but it worked out for me to be able to haul the hose through the blanks.
i could plant them closer together as you can see, but these holes are dug into solid rock, and then filled in with growing material.  when we dug the holes a few years ago, i wasn't sure about the distance between.

 this is the most flowery the plants ever soon as the flowers got to be picking stage, i cut them and put them in the cooler or delivered them to the florist.

 some variety photos below...
tahoma kelli dahlia

camano zoë dahlia

giggles dahlias

patches dahlias

korb's river bend dahlias

blizzard dahlias
 lots of photos of café au lait dahlias....they are so varied in thier form and color.
café au lait dahlia

café au lait dahlia

café au lait dahlias

café au lait, last dance, kari blue, tahoma kelli, and mingus leroy dahlias

devon seattle and maltby pearl dahlias

l'ancresse, yuukyu, blizzard, and korb's river bend dahlias

odyssey dahlias

bahama mama dahlias

lemon cane dahlias

sugar daddy dahlias

orieti candy dahlias

hot rod dahlias
 the next four photos are just-picked buckets sort of arranged by color-

my favorite dahlia this year is this waterlily form, kari blue. 
kari blue dahlias

orieti candy and korb's river bend dahlias

sugar daddy dahlias

boogie nights, tahoma kelli, and mingus leroy dahlias
 you'll notice this odyssey dahlia changes a lot during the year.
it is aptly named.
odyssey dahlias

color magic, sugar daddy, orieti candy, yuukyu, and brookside cheri dahlias

kari blue, mingus leroy, devon seattle, and camano zoë dahlias
 lavadandy dahlia was my biggest producer.
lavadandy dahlias
 again, personal favorite form dahlia this year - waterlily.  
kari blue and onesta dahlias

yuukyu dahlias

ivanetti and cornel dahlias

kingston dahlias

kenora lisa dahlias

onesta dahlias

groovy dahlias

maltby pearl dahlias

elizabeth mellinger dahlia

allie white dahlia

café au lait dahlias

camano zoë dahlias
 i took this photo because of the way the petals were opening.
it reminded me of the paper german stars my sister makes.
tahoma kelli dahlias

café au lait dahlias

odyssey and tahoma kelli dahlias

yesterday i lifted all the tubers out of the ground.
today i set up this washing station, and hosed them all off.
this makes it easier to see where to divide them.
then, because it is supposed to go down to 32 degrees tonight, i put them in the basement, and set a fan on them.
this is a big pile of work ahead!