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Saturday, November 7, 2015


norton vic chrysanthemum
 king's mums in oregon city, oregon sells cuttings of many kinds of chrysanthemums.
i learned about them from floret flowers last year, and my mom suggested i try growing them, 
and gave me some money to place an order.
they are blooming like crazy now, and here are some photos of the varieties i chose.
lola chrysanthemum

vesuvius chrysanthemum

kotoi no kaori chrysanthemum

feeling green chrysanthemum

river city chrysanthemum

coral charm chrysanthemum

moira chrysanthemum

apricot courtier chrysanthemum

nightingale chrysanthemum

chesapeake chrysanthemum

primrose mt. shasta chrysanthemum

jefferson park chrysanthemum

vienna waltz chrysanthemum

seaton's j'dore chrysanthemum

seaton's ruby chrysanthemum
shelbers chrysanthemum

 most of these varieties grow three feet tall, even after cutting them back.
serious support is necessary.
most of the varieties need to be disbudded to the top bud.  this is a big task!
but i liked how some of the ones that are smaller worked with sprays - actually quite graceful.
groundhogs like them, because they are still green when most foliage is long gone.
i grew them outside, not in a tunnel, and really lucked out with the weather this year.
here are some photos of some of my experiments with floral arranging to see what they can do.
my greens are pretty much gone, but mostly, i wanted to see how the flowers and stems work.

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