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Monday, November 23, 2015

sarah smile

 this was such a happy day with our sarah, and i love to go back and look at these photos,
and have decided to share more of them with you.
"sara smile" is a song by hall and oates from back in the day.

 with lots of fragrant hosta, some delphinium laterals, elderberries in the green stage, queen anne's lace, grape vine, baptesia foliage, agrostemma, white scabiosa, 
huldine clematis,

 pale yellow yarrow (this is pink, but the yellow worked) and some hydrangea.

then we moved on to the next bouquet....
here i chose the flowers and put them in a bucket,
and then began to gather them up in my hand.
with queen anne's lace, yarrow, hydrangea, scabiosa, astilbe,
and roses from heirloom roses -
james galway rose 
lexy roses
eden roses
added a few kinds of sweet peas,

 and lastly, some baptesia foliage, and handed them off to sarah.  :)

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  1. Love all assortments of flowers and Beth, you have a lovely daughter as well.